Hey Everybody!

I’m Bryan! I’m a composer, a sound artist, a sonic storyteller if you will. Long story short, I make sound…and some of it turns into music 😀

To hear samples of my work visit the Featured Media Page.

I also have a number of free audio playlists available on YouTube and music for sale on—> Bandcamp <—which is the best deal for you and me! Pay what you want now, and it’s yours (ad-free) forever!

Please reach out to me on the contact page if you would like to license any of my music, or if you want a copy of a sheet music score for perusal or performance, or if would like to hire me to create original music for your video game, film, or any other project (personal theme song perhaps??). I’d love to hear from you!

Lastly, if you are looking to learn more about my creative process and hear my solo improvisations, be sure to visit my blog Those Who Make Sound.

Thanks for stopping by!