Bryan at Badlands Sunset

Bryan Schumann is a composer and sound artist based in St. Paul, MN. An eclectic composer, Bryan embraces an immense spectrum of genres and styles creating music and sound design for live performance, video games, and film. Often with an emphasis on ambient and meditative minimalism, he seeks to explore the realm where sound goes form being just sound, and becomes art.


The Sunshapes – Songwriter & Performer

Sound Wave Hello – Free Improvisation

The Eclectic Ensemble – Electro-acoustic Improv Troupe


The Solar Studio – Founder & Sound Engineer

American Composers Forum – Member

ASCAP – Member

Boreal Bard Music – Publisher & Record Label



Hey there! Thanks for visiting my website. I’m a composer, a sound artist, a sonic storyteller if you will. Long story short, I make sound…and some of it turns into music 😀

First things first, click here to hear my music!

You can learn more about my creative process at my blog Those Who Make Sound. I post and share new music regularly, so check back often.

Hit me up on the contact page if you’d like to license any of my music, obtain sheet music (for perusal or performance), or have original music created for your video game, film, or podcast, (etc). I’d love to hear from you!


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Bryan and Ruby at Piano