Music for Meditation

Please contact me if you’d like to commission me to create original music for your podcast, live or recorded meditation, yoga session, or other project.

Notable Performances:

  • 10/19/18 pre-recorded guided meditation “The Darkness The Light” by Bryan Schumann and Charlotte “Mama” Rose at Healing Elements in St. Paul, MN.
  • 09/16/18 performance on piano & electric guitar for one-hour-long guided meditation session at TC VegFest 2018 featuring Freeman Wicklund of the Boundless Love Project and Dawn Morningstar of Venerable Women.
  • 03/23/18 performance on piano & electric guitar for one-hour-long Yoga Live Session at Urban Growler in St. Paul, MN.

Ways to experience my meditations:

The Darkness The Light is a 15-minute guided meditation to help you find the light deep within. Created in collaboration with Mama Rose. The 2nd track in this playlist is an instrumental version of the meditation (2018)

Venerable Wholeness Spa Experience 90 minutes of meditative drones & piano for spa treatment. Created in collaboration with The Venerable Women Foundation and Caring Hands Massage & Spa. Click the link in the title above to be routed to the Caring Hands Massage & Spa website (2018)

Venerable Meditations This playlist contains two meditations. First is “A Venerable Best Life Portrait Meditation” which is a 15-min guided meditation for manifesting your best life, and there is “A Grounding and Chakra Balancing Meditation” which is a 10-min guided meditation to help you ground and balance your root, crown, and solar plexus chakras. The last two tracks of the playlist are instrumental versions of both of these meditations. These were created in collaboration with Dawn Morningstar of The Venerable Women Foundation (2017)