Music for Video Games, Film, & Other Productions

Please reach out to me on my contact page if you’d like to license any of this music or have a project that needs original music. I’d love to hear from you.

Music for Video Games:

Multilateral Melt – Original score (2019)
Spacing Out – Original score & sound design (2018)
Crosswired – Original score & sound design (2018)
Critters Inc – Original score & sound design (2017)
Circuit Breakers – Original score & sound design (2017)
Super Sumo Ball – Original score, sound design, & voice acting (2017)
Winter Still – Programmer, original score, & sound design (2016)
Bitter Plants – Original score (2016)
zenworld – Original score & sound design (2016)
Tiki Torcher – Original score & sound design (2016)
1-800-CatLineBling – Original score (2016)
Gamepak Girl – Original score & sound design (2015)
Dark Moon Gauntlet – Original score & sound design (2015)
The Bomb From Planet X – Original score & sound design (2015)
Minneapolis Mayhem – Original score & sound design (2015)
VRidDL – Original score & sound design (2015)

Music for Film:

Art You Talking to Me – Original Score (2019)
The Tragedy of the International Brigades – Original Score (2018)
The Morning Routine – Original Score (2007)
Mechanisms as Life – Original Score (2007)

Production Music:

Boundless Love Podcast Theme Music
2.5-mins of hopeful, energetic, theme music (2019)
Cold Cases: An Eerie Epic Intro
30-sec mystery TV show intro music (2018)
Newsroom Cue: Breaking News (Orchestral)
10-sec orchestral hybrid news alert music (2018)
Polka Party
1-min of quirky, polka music (2017)
1-min of eerie, EDM, chip-tune hybrid music (2017)
Pixel Forest
1-min of quirky, chip-tune music (2017)
Frugal Footprint
12-mins of acoustic, feel-good, down-home music (2017)
Rogue Agents
5-mins of dark, industrial, orchestral hybrid music (2017)
I Want Candy
3-mins of fun, chill, child-like pop/classical music (2015)


Playlist of music from select video games and productions:

Select short films: