My Woman





My Woman is an original is a song written by Bryan Schumann. Made popular by being licensed in film, this new instrumental recording was officially released on July 31st, 2020.

Listen below and hear for yourself 🙂

Sheet Music

Includes the sheet music for the original composition, My Woman, by Bryan Schumann. Originally written in 2009 and re-released July 31st, 2020.

Digital Download

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Audio Preview

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Score Preview

Click here to view the score:

My Woman - Score Cover Screenshot


Credits & Copyright

Musical composition, performance, & production by Bryan Schumann.

Recorded, mixed, & mastered by Bryan Schumann at The Solar Studio in St. Paul, MN. Released July 31, 2020.

Album photos from Bru-nO (used with CC permission).
Album art by Bryan Schumann.

© Copyright 2009, 2020. Boreal Bard Music. (ASCAP). All rights reserved.