Production Music, Vol. 2: 2016 (audio)


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Original production music written by Bryan Schumann in 2016. Music for video games, film, TV, and commercials as well as song seeds and beats.

Track Listing

1) Soundscape Canvas (From “Zenworld”)
2) Walking Through the Zen Garden (From “Zenworld”)
3) Escape, Goat! (Original Game Soundtrack)
4) Tiki Torcher (Original Game Soundtrack)
5) Catline Bling (Original Game Soundtrack)
6) Winterflight
7) Medieval Future Fantasy
8) Intro to an Epic Tale
9) Crumbs: A Driving Industrial Intro
10) Escape: A Dark Orchestral Intro
11) Whispers for Piano & Electronics
12) The Boarder Falls (Music Inspired by “Final Fantasy” & “Twin Peaks”)
13) Preparing Plots (From “Bitter Plants”)
14) Planting Seeds (From “Bitter Plants”)
15) Protruding Petals (From “Bitter Plants”)
16) Crunchy Chords for Jazz Trio
17) Gazing Upward
18) Downhome Groove
19) Angel (Music Inspired by the TV Show)
20) Weight Lifting for Solo Tuba (From “Composer Quest Olympics”)
21) Hurdles: Jumping Chords (From “Composer Quest Olympics”)
22) Relay Race: The Home Stretch (From “Composer Quest Olympics”)
23) Gymnastics: The Gold Medal Floor Routine (From “Composer Quest Olympics”)
24) A Frozen World (From “Winter Still”)
25) Crossing the Bridge to the Monument (From “Winter Still”)
26) The Ale Hall (From “Winter Still”)
27) Windy Pass Homestead (From “Winter Still”)
28) The Abandoned Stable (From “Winter Still”)
29) The Restless Dead (From “Winter Still”)
30) A Frozen World Reprise (From “Winter Still”)

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Credits & Copyright

All musical compositions, performances, & production by Bryan Schumann.

Recorded, mixed, & mastered by Bryan Schumann at The Solar Studio in St. Paul, MN. Released November 25, 2016.

Album photo by “Freestocks” (Used with CC permission from
Album art by Bryan Schumann.

© Copyright 2016. Boreal Bard Music. (ASCAP). All rights reserved.