Production Music, Vol. 3: 2017 (audio)


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Original production music written by Bryan Schumann in 2017. Music for video games, film, TV, and commercials as well as song seeds and beats.

Track Listing

1) Circuit Breaker (Original Game Soundtrack)
2) Super Sumo Ball (Original Game Soundtrack)
3) Royal Blood
4) Open Road (Instrumental)
5) Oblagetauta Agmepolot
6) Acoustic Jam (From “Frugal Footprint”)
7) Electric Jam (From “Frugal Footprint”)
8) Garden Jam (From “Frugal Footprint”)
9) Mushroom Jam (From “Frugal Footprint”)
10) Taking the Plunge (From “Vaulture”)
11) Deep Dark Danger (From “Vaulture”)
12) Skyera: An Interlude
13) 00Zero (From “Rogue Agents”)
14) Allies? (From “Rogue Agents”)
15) Bring It! (From “Rogue Agents”)
16) Counter Strike (From “Rogue Agents”)
17) Death Threats (From “Rogue Agents”)
18) Explosive Tendencies (From “Rogue Agents”)
19) Fallen Souls (From “Rogue Agents”)
20) Grand Victory (From “Rogue Agents”)
21) Pixel Forest (Misfit Video Game Music)
22) Dollhouse (Music Inspired by the TV Show)
23) Critters Inc (Original Game Soundtrack)
24) Royal Blood (Instrumental)

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Credits & Copyright

All musical compositions, performances, & production by Bryan Schumann.

Recorded, mixed, & mastered by Bryan Schumann at The Solar Studio in St. Paul, MN. Released December 8, 2017.

Album photo by Ross Sneddon (Used with CC permission from
Album art by Bryan Schumann.

© Copyright 2017. Boreal Bard Music. (ASCAP). All rights reserved.