Spring Is On Its Way for Solo Electric Guitar

I wrote “Spring Is On Its Way” in the spring of 2013. It was created originally as an improvisation and then I boiled it down into my favorite ideas and made it into a “to do list” type score with an expandable form much like I had for “Sunday”, one of my other works for solo electric guitar and a looper. Unlike that piece however, “Spring Is On Its Way” requires the loops to be perfectly locked in time. I don’t think either way is better or worse, but you definitely get a different effect.

I shot this video of the sun rise reflecting off the water in my back yard. It really seems to capture the vibe of this piece. Some Canadian geese flew down and landed in the water about half way through. It was so magical, but unfortunately they didn’t end up in the shot…

Copyright (c) 2013 Bryan Schumann. (ASCAP). All rights reserved.

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Sunday for Solo Electric Guitar – Expandable Form

In 2012 I really got into making electric guitar loops largely because my wife, Kate DeVoe, and I started playing around with free improv in 2011 with our group, Sound Wave Hello, and in the summer of 2012 I started playing with another improv troupe, The Eclectic Ensemble.

This piece is the culmination of the style of guitar loops I was writing at the time. I was playing with the idea of expandable form, which makes the score for this piece more of an open “to do list.” It simply has list of sounds, riffs, and formal sections that can (and should) move in and out of phase with each other. Since the timing of the loop points is not exact (causing the phase effect mentioned above), the entrance and length of each new section starts to matter less as well. Given all of the musical ideas I want to have happen in this piece, the length can get as short as 7 minutes or as long as 15 minutes.

The picture in the video is from my live performance of the piece on November 20th, 2012.

Copyright (c) 2012 Bryan Schumann (ASCAP) All rights reserved.

Hit me up on my website if you want a copy of the score and/or would like to perform this piece.


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The Morning Routine – Short Film

Hello again!

This video is super random and kinda weird. It was made by me and a group of students as part of a film contest group at Augsburg College circa 2006. I’m trying to even remember the idea behind it…something about a guy who’s job is to be a curling stone. There was a challenge to include a gag/joke, so we put an intermission in an already very short film. Like I said, super weird student work. Enjoy at your own risk…

Running Guy: John Olson
Guy who accidentally steps into apartment shot: Collin Pearson
Curling Sweeper 1: Jenessa Stark
Curling Sweeper 2: Bryan Schumann

Produced by:
Jeff Swenson
Jenessa Stark
Bryan Schumann

Shot by:
Jeff Swenson

Edited by:
Bryan Schumann

Original by:
Bryan Schumann

Mindfill – One Day Away: Backdated Start Point

Hello Internet!

I’m using this YouTube channel and Blogger account to archive some of my old projects and musical creations. I’ll be filling it up chronologically (by backdating posts) starting here. Once I finish the archive, I’ll be using this channel and blog as a place to share current works-in-progress and finished projects. I’ll probably also throw in some ramblings on music and art creation in general as well as some reviews of other’s art and music.

Please note, although this video wasn’t my first project or piece of music created in life, it seems like a decent place to start. I have plenty of really old and/or really rough stuff that just doesn’t seem fair or kind of me to force upon the internet.

Also, although I plan to make this as chronological as possible, some things may end up out of order, and there will be gaps in time, oh yes, but I’ll do my best to upload the fun, the funny, and the okay-e-est of the okay works-in-progress and completed projects.

Here goes!

Video by Bryan Schumann circa 2004.

Music by Mindfill:
Vocals/Guitar: James Hickey
Guitar: Bryan Schumann
Bass: Chad Ponticas
Drums: Dave Baraghoush

Audio production by James Hickey.

Hope you all enjoy it!

With love,