MNKINO Film Score Fest 2018 | The Tragedy of the International Brigades

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of seeing/hearing an orchestra perform a film score I wrote for a short film live during the screening of the film. The event was called Film Score Fest 2018 and was hosted by MNKINO at the Science Museum of MN Auditorium. What an experience! Filmmakers were given a month to create a film and deliver it to the composer. And then the composers were given a month to compose an original score and hand off the sheet music to the orchestra. I created the score for a film called The Tragedy of the International Brigades by Christian Finch.

Although I didn’t get a video recording of the performance I figured I could share the audio realization and sheet music here for your perusal. Also below is a mock-up of the video with the audio realization which is hosted on the filmmaker’s YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Also, here’s a great picture from the rehearsal.

Photo of the orchestra and film score from MNKINO FSF 2018 Dress Rehearsal by Bryan Schumann

See you next time.


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